A Candid Account of My Experiences During Covid-19


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A Candid Account of My Experiences During Covid-19

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A personal account of the pandemic.
This is my personal account of going through this COVID-19 time period. I first address the topic in a very broad sense of how I remember it beginning. Then I go into more personal details. #CSUS #HIST15H
Everything felt like it changed in the blink of an eye. Everyone had heard about it, people
getting the virus and whole countries shutting down, but it never felt real until it happened to us.
It was around the second week of March that things started to get tense and crazy. I remember I
was sick with the flu at the time, so I stayed home from class on a Thursday. Little did I know
that I would not be returning to campus come Monday. From that point on the days blurred
The week that followed was ripe with cancellations and restrictions. I worked in a retail
store in the mall which shut down and I became furloughed. All classes were being moved to an
online format, so they gave us a week off to prepare. All non-essential businesses were closing,
grocery stores were packed with panicked customers, and the world felt chaotic. COVID-19 was
all people talked about, it was in the news, in all the social medias, and in all the memes.
Everyone was consumed with the virus, whether it was trying to prevent it or claiming it was not
a big deal, just a common flu.
In general, people were preparing to be in lockdown and self-isolation. California
initiated a lockdown, but Sacramento was never too strict on the rules. The next two weeks were
interesting. It was the first time I ever felt like I was a part of something major going on during
my lifetime. Classes were figuring out how to use Zoom, many people began using social media,
and everyone was trying to figure out how to navigate through this time of uncertainty. For the
most part people were staying home.
I was one of the luckier people in the world, as I was not heavily affected by all the
changes. Other families and people are suffering financially, physically, and emotionally, but not
me. Yes, I got furloughed, yes, I needed to switch to online classes, but for the most part I was
ok with it. I am a major introvert so spending time at home with less obligations was almost
Before the quarantine began, I was always busy, either working, going to classes, or
doing stuff around the house. I was always so tired and lazy; I did not have any motivation to
actually do anything that interested me. But also, before the quarantine, I had structure in my life.
Quarantine has affected me in two distinct ways: I have so much more time to do the things I
find enjoyable, and I have zero structure to my days.
If I am to be honest then I should admit that I am grateful for all the new free time I have
on my hands. In this moment I feel so much closer to my family than I have felt in a while. We
even began a new tradition of family lunch/dinner on Sundays. I have become much more active
as well. Since people can not go out anywhere, many of us have opted to going out on walks,
runs, and bike rides. I have found great joy and refreshment in bike rides. I can get out of the
house but still stay safe and be active. It is also nice to see many people outside and enjoying the
fresh air. I have had more time to work on school projects and assignments. I have been able to
take time to paint and catch up on all my shows and movies. I have never felt more active.
On the downside however, I find myself not being able to structure my time properly.
With the loss of work and proper school, I no longer have a schedule that keeps me in check. I
put off all my schoolwork till the last second. My sleeping schedule is also not the most ideal. I
go to bed around four A.M. and wake up around one P.M. Unless of course I have a zoom
meeting with my class, in that case, I wake up about five minutes before the call begins.
But now Summer is approaching and who knows what will happen. Slowly places are
opening back up, all stores are taking precautions to keep everyone healthy and safe. It feels like,
soon the world will open back up. But we are all still left with this uncertainty. Will there be a
second wave of illnesses worse than the first? Can the world really return to normal? When will
things feel the same again? No one really knows, but people have hope.
That is one thing I truly love about this time, the amount of hope, love, and kindness
people are showing to one another to help each other in these trying times. Unfortunately, there
are many things making this period much more difficult for others. But the sheer force of people
trying to be and do good, continues to astound me.

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