Fresh Air in Quarantine?


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Fresh Air in Quarantine?

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Yesterday, late at night, my family and I decided to take a walk together in order to get out of the house. This was the first time I was able to leave the neighborhood for about a month and a half. After this nice walk I immediately went to bed in order to try and keep my sleep schedule somewhat regular. Today I realized how much I love going outside and getting fresh air. Sometimes going on a walk or going shopping can really calm me down. In this experience I realized how grateful I am for everything outside of my house and family that makes up my routine. The next time I can go to the Nampa Recreational Center or Lone Star Middle School I will be so much more thankful. Even when I stop getting faster in swimming for a while or get I bad grade I will be so much more thankful that I have the opportunity to do the sport I love and learn from a teacher that I can communicate with face-to-face.

*Original text in "Creator:" Nicole Dumitrascu #LSMS #NSD

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