Finding the Silver Lining


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Finding the Silver Lining

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On this Sunday I decided to try and take things slower and be thankful for every step. I was thankful for my breakfast, church online love stream, workout equipment I have at home, my family, the internet, lunch, and dinner. I was especially thankful for my little sister that is just a blast to hangout with. She is just able to be happy and positive during everything. Also, my dog has been in a really good mood as expected. I tried to be thankful and spend an extra minute in pray before I ate. I decided that after I worked out, I would read a lot because I am grateful that the library has set up a way to check out eBooks. I decided I would take advantage of that and try to knock down as many books I can off my reading list that I created a long time ago. I am going to try to keep this type of mentality for the rest of the pandemic and forward in my life. This could be a way to help the other things in my life that I cannot do right now because of the virus.

*Original text of "Creator:" Nicole Dumitrascu #LSMS #NSD

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