Long-Term Changes?


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Long-Term Changes?

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Today I decided I would do my run outside with my dad. We stayed pretty close and only went a mile out from the house, two miles total. On the run we passed my old elementary school

and there was caution tape all around it. This made me feel like I shouldn’t be outside. I was only outside for twenty minutes though and I stayed six feet away from everyone I saw on the way including workers and even my dad. Also, I listened to a podcast which discussed something I really got to thinking about. It stated how the last time we were in a national state of emergency was 9/11. Before 9/11 you could just show up to the airport and get on your flight and go, but after the tragedy the government put up a lot of security in airports and now, we have to wait in long lines for police officers to look in our bags and sometimes pat us down. The last national emergency changed the world. We may think that the social distancing, quarantines, mask wearing, hand sanitizer, and elbow shakes instead of hand shakes are just temporary, but the reality is some of these things might stick and become a part of our world. It is a crazy thought that you might always have to carry a mask with you to the water park, school, etc. However, it could happen. Ultimately, this pandemic will change the world.

*Original text of "Creator:" Nicole Dumitrascu #LSMS #NSD

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