Trying to Get Better


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Trying to Get Better

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Today was really super chill. I woke up pretty late. This has been happening lately. I stretched because one of my goal during this quarantine was to get a split. After stretching I ate breakfast. I was surprisingly hungry this morning. Which is another thing I have noticed during this quarantine. I have been snacking a lot and am always hungry. After I wolfed down breakfast, I did my schoolwork. I can get my school done pretty fast. So, I am trying to do extra work and put my best foot forward in my schoolwork despite the circumstances. I then went to do my daily workout that my swimming coach sent me in hopes of maintaining myself. After I took a nice shower and read a book online. I do not like reading books online, but that is the only way for me to read books from the library. I can’t wait for the all the bans to be lifted so that I can go to the library and get myself a big fat paper book to read.

*Original text in "Creator:" Nicole Dumitrascu #LSMS #NSD

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