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Today was a normal day. It is really weird to think about it that way because no day is the same or has the same feeling. I would do different workouts at swim practice or learn new things at school. Even though I am switching up my workouts and home and am doing schoolwork I still feel like every day is just the same and boring. I am counting down the days until the Rec Center opens. (10) In a little bit I will be able to have access to all the things in the Rec Center. I can’t wait to go to swim practice, play rachet ball, run on the indoor track, and climb on the rock wall. Today I also decided to bake blueberry muffins because I was getting tired or only eating a couple different foods. They turned out really good, so I am happy I didn’t burn the house down. After they cooled, I ate three of them. I have learned how to bake many new things this quarantine. My grandma is stuck here since they are not allowing travel to Romania, where she lives. She has taught me many different recipes during this time.


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