Begging for Something New


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Begging for Something New

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Today I tried to make the day different while going through my same routine. This meant that I tried to workout harder and spend time with my sister and mom so that we can make something that lasts longer like crafts. Today was just really solid because I was so much more focused on what I was doing that it made me get through things faster. This helped me not snack as often because I didn’t really wait and think that I am hungry. I have still been sleeping in later as I have been waking up at about 8-9. I just recently found out that I was accepted to be a Student Ambassador for my school in my eighth-grade year. I was really excited to be accepted and am happy to have the opportunity to help make my school a better place during my last year at this school. This also shows me how people are making plans for life to resume pretty soon. The Rec Center is opening, my sister’s preschool is having lessons, and people at school are making plans for when students return back to school, showing that Distance Learning is almost done for good. #LSMS #NSD

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