Quarantine Mother's Day


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Quarantine Mother's Day

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Today I tried to make my day more interesting by staying more focused on what I was doing right at that moment. I feel like this helps me to make the day go by faster and have a better quality of the things I did. Today I did my workout and then helped my mom make my pinata for my sister’s 5th birthday. We took a pizza box and covered it in different colored and cut streamers. We also put a picture of a unicorn in the center since that is the theme of the party. Even though it took a really long time and hurt my back my mother and I had a lot of fun and were very proud with the results. This Mother’s Day I was more thankful that ever for my mother because she is the one who has kept my family together during this tough time. The coronavirus has made this day different since my family would normally treat my mother to her favorite restaurant. I don’t even know what is open or if something will ever open which is a scary thought. #LSMS #NSD

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