Swimming on Zoom?


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Swimming on Zoom?

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I felt that there was nothing that made today stand out. I woke up really late. (Which seems to be the usual) I ate a cupcake and porridge. After that I did my schoolwork for the day. I am almost done with 7th grade! I then did my entire normal workout routine. I didn’t work out yesterday because it was my sister’s fifth birthday. I am so tired after taking only one day off. On the other hand, my mom and grandmother got me new running shoes since my other ones were giving me blisters. We ate Costco pizza for lunch. I had to eat fast since I had a scheduled Zoom meeting with my swimming coach to attend to. The meeting was about the Commencement Address by Admiral William H. McRaven. I also read his book a while ago. My coach, I, and other kids on my team my age talked about ten things you need to do if you want to change the world as discussed by Admiral McRaven. I also ate dinner, read a little, watched a little TV, and did more schoolwork. I am tired.

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