Urban Front Yard Victory Garden

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Urban Front Yard Victory Garden

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As worry about the food supply grows and money is more of a worry for the average person, unemployment is at rates so high it is hard for the average person to comprehend, many people have resurrected the World War II tradition of the Victory Garden. This is the garden my partner has started in the front of our home, the sunniest patch on the whole property. My partner lost his job as a direct result of the pandemic and so finds himself with less money and more time. He decided it was a perfect opportunity to try to grow our own food especially since we have already experienced shortages of various items and have no reason to believe that will change any time soon. He is planning on adding several more buckets and though the buckets themselves come from the Home Depot we are endeavoring to shop for plants, soil etc at local nurseries whenever possible so that we keep what money we are spending circulating within our own community.

Photo by Ash Macnamara, Garden by David Herrick

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