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COVID19 was seen as a joke until people in the states started to get infected with the virus and soon enough a stay at home order was put in place. My school closed down, and classes continued online. I’ve been seeing people complaining about their zoom classes, and it makes me grateful that my school doesn’t make us sit through awkward video chats with our teachers. A normal seventeen year old would expect the same basic routine when it came time to their last year in highschool. Prom, grad night and of course that emotional ceremony where you would say your final goodbyes to the people you practically grew up with. I don’t think any senior this year was expecting, or prepared, for their last year of hell to be cut short, I mean I sure wasn’t. Most parents don't even remember what was detailed in their senior moments of high school, but this year, 2020, will definitely be hard to forget as the years go by.
Sadly, my boss informed me that the store I was working at would also be closed down because of the virus. I thought that since I had more time on my hands I would be able to at least use it to work, and save money for my car, but I guess things change. I'm so grateful for the people who are risking their lives to help cure those who have been infected. In Riverside county there have been 5,952 cases, 3,833 recoveries, and 261 deaths. These doctors and nurses are sacrificing their own health and while all were asked to do is stay at home. The question that still remains is when will we be able to socialize with our friends again, and when will we be able to go about our days without having to wear masks and gloves?

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