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After searching through the news, I came across an article titled “Can City Life Survive Coronavirus”. Although I was planning to avoid using a coronavirus related image, this image resonated with me as it depicted a crowded city nearly deserted. Seeing these images reminded me of the current state the world is in. I wanted to focus on the emptiness and loneliness we feel as we are social distancing ourselves indoors. I chose to use mostly greys and blues in order to convey this emotion. I added clouds in the sky and a distant crowd to add to the overall dark and lonely mood. The crowd also reminds me of how city life used to be. Finally, I added some individuals in hazmat suits to also convey the severity of this whole situation. #FordhamUniversity #VART1135

*Andrea Mantovani for The New York Times.
Teddy Stratis for manipulation, color rendering, and overall graphic design.

*Teddy Stratis, Fordham University, VART1135

*This is an art piece I created during my Visual Thinking class at Fordham University with professor Sheehan. This project was about how color affects us emotionally, and also how the properties of color can be used to render things invisible, or on the contrary, to distract our gaze, create interference, affect interpretation.
I took an image from a news article that resonated with me and manipulated to express more emotion. I choose to use an image from a New York Times article titled "Can City Life Survive Coronavirus?".

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