Stay Home: Home is Where the Pups are Anyways Comic

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Stay Home: Home is Where the Pups are Anyways Comic

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A single panel comic (along with a second identical panel with spanish text which can be found in the accompanying link) promoting staying home early in the outbreak using the internet obsession with pets as motivation. Those with pets have found they have a lot more time to spend with their cats and dogs while working from home or otherwise restricted to their houses. In the case of this specific comic, it is part of an ongoing series about the artist, Gemma, her husband Peli, and their three dogs, Mochi, and the "twinchis" Huey and Duey. The comics focus mainly around Gemma's relationship with Mochi. As such, the comic also shows how the pandemic has made its way into everyday life and ongoing business and artistic pursuits, creating a wealth of new experiences around which artists may base their work.*Gemma Gené, @157ofgemma on instagram*screenshot/ instagram post/ comic

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