Painting and Grief

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Painting and Grief

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My 82 year old grandmother has been diagnosed with a giant aortic aneurysm that has grown. Originally, surgery was not an option because of her age. Due to the growth the surgery has been scheduled to be performed at Stanford Medical Center. The surgery could be fatal and family has worked arranged her funeral in advance. Covid-19 has made the process of saying goodbye difficult.
I decided to shelter-in-place with her for a long weekend. We used the time to go over family photos, listen to stories, enjoy eachother. We spent Saturday painting together. She has been an artist her entire life, this is her love language. Occasionally grabbing the brush from my hand to guide a watercolor shadow or highlight, she makes it look effortless.
We said goodbye knowing it may be the last time we see each-other. The hospital will not allow for family to accompany her for her surgery or recovery. Waiting is all that can be done.
Her name is Janice Simone Simon. She is 83 years old and the matriarch of our family. She is loved.
Covid-19 has changed the way we say goodbye.

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