It is extremely weird to think...

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It is extremely weird to think...

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It is extremely weird to think that we are living through history right now. I mean, yes, we always are, but this time it is different. This is
one of those things that future generations will study in their history classes.
Countless terms have been manipulated into our everyday speech and obsessively ingrained in our thoughts: Pandemic, Coronavirus,
Quarantine, Social Distance… These titles which seem to be taking over news headlines and social media will end up only a chapter
in history. The coronavirus won’t be the main focus of our lives anymore. Right now that sounds impossible, but in time, the obsession
will expend itself. It will dissipate, and somehow, things will go back to normal. So, how will we keep history in check? How will we make sure all of our stories go unforgotten?
Everyone misses life right now. COVID-19 has killed millions and damaged families and changed all of our lives. Information surrounding the pandemic is reported 24/7. There is never a minute of silence. Frankly, it really depresses me. Just waiting for good news, I focus so much on the most recent developments and news stories. All I really seek, though, is to skip forward to better times. I am a junior in high school. I just turned 17 last month, and I could never explain how exciting the prospect of going back to school is or to even think about attending college next fall! Yet, I’m so nervous that all those experiences are going to be somehow lesser. There is just so much to look forward to, and I’m really scared that I won’t get to fully experience any of it. That no one will.
I’m preoccupied with this notion that time is fleeting. However short or long my life may be, it pains me to know that I’ll never be able to fully live it. It’s just not possible. I have to try my best, but life really is too short. That’s why you have to live every single day and make the most of all that comes your way. I take these months, and I’ve used them lazily and without passion. Sure, this time has provided me with college research opportunities and family time, but I want to be out there doing something. I don’t quite know what that means, but it’s more of a feeling rather than a set idea. And not being able to do sucks. It spawns feelings of purposelessness.
But in truth, I only hope to somehow come out stronger and happier. Despite the tragedies that plague us, I’ve made it my mission to find the good in every single day. And I can only hope that all of us can uncover these moments together.

To better times. XOXO.

Sophie :)

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