Taketomi Island: At Least Wear a Mask Please

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Taketomi Island: At Least Wear a Mask Please

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A poster created by a community organization on the island of Taketomi, in Okinawa prefecture, Japan, reading "At least, wear a mask, please." Taketomi is famous for its traditional Okinawan village environment - it's one of the best places in all of Japan for visitors to experience the white sand paths, limestone walls, and red terracotta roofs of a traditional Okinawan village. The island's residents rely very heavily on tourism revenue to get by. However, an epidemic like Covid19 can quickly overwhelm and devastate a local community like this. The rest of the poster reads:




To everyone visiting Taketomi Island for tourism:
At least wear a mask please.
Taketomi Island has an extremely high number of grannies and granddads. Of the 282 members of the local citizens' organization, 103 are elders over 70 years old.

Taketomi Island has only one small clinic. There is only one doctor, one nurse, and one admin staff. Even if someone were to have coronavirus, they can't respond to it.

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