The KNPR State of Nevada Paper


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The KNPR State of Nevada Paper

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The KNPR State of Nevada Paper

One of the most common assignments given in PSC 100 (Nevada Constitution) and PSC 101 (Introduction to American Politics) is a paper summarizing a segment of the Nevada National Public Radio’s program The State of Nevada. All students who graduate from a Nevada public university are required to take a course covering the Nevada Constitution. UNLV alone offers over thirty 60-student PSC 100 courses, ten 45-student PSC 101 courses, and three 250-student PSC 101 courses. UNR offers these same courses. Therefore, many students write KNPR papers. This entry serves as a reference point for these papers in the archive.

The KNPR State of Nevada website:

The template for the KNPR assignment is below. Note that this is only a template, and specific instructors have modified this assignment to suit their needs. Details will vary.

KNPR “State of Nevada” Paper: Program Instructions and Grading Criteria
You are required to complete a brief writing assignment valued at 15%.
You must complete your summary on a broadcast of a KNPR (88.9 FM Radio) “State of Nevada” program, which is broadcast from 9-10am and 7-8pm Monday through Friday. From time to time, an alternative program airs in its place: Be certain you are listening to the “State of Nevada.” Previous days’ programs are available on streaming audio online. To access podcasts online:
• Go to KNPR "State of Nevada" Program Website

The segment you write on must:
• Be related to Nevada government or a current public issue such as education, gun control, or politics. It may not, for example, be sports or entertainment-related.
• Be at least 15 minutes long.

Write at least a 700-word summary of what you heard. Be sure to address the following:
• What was the topic being discussed? Provide background.
• Who were the participants? Be sure to name all.
• What were the specific issues or controversies discussed?
• What were the positions or points made by the participants? Were there opposing opinions?

This assignment is due by 11:00PM Friday of the 3rd week. You must submit your paper on the class Canvas site. Instructions on how to submit to Canvas are provided below. Papers will not be accepted via any alternative methods, even if received before the due date. Papers turned after the due date will not be graded. The only exceptions are for student illness or a death in the immediate family: Documentation must be provided. You must notify me within 2 days of the missed work and it must be completed within 7 days. Do not ask for any other exceptions.

Grading of the writing assignment will be based on the following:
• Your paper must be a minimum of 700 words (excluding your name, date, course, and the title). Shorter papers will have points deducted.
• Your assignments will be graded on content as well as style. You should answer the questions thoroughly and thoughtfully and your assignment should be grammatically correct with no misspelled words. The MLA formatting guidelines should be followed and a Works Cited page included.
• Points will be deducted from your paper as follows:
1) Discussion of topic: Content & style: 0-50 points off
2) Wrong topic: 100 points off
3) Program other than KNPR’s “State of Nevada:” 100 points off
4) Plagiarized: 100 points off and additional administrative penalties
5) Poor grammar, spelling: Between 5 and 50 points off
6) Failure to comply with MLA guidelines: 5-10 points off
7) Less than 700 words:
a. 650-699 words: 10 points off
b. 600-649 words: 20 points off
c. 550-599 words: 30 points off
d. 450-549 words: 40 points off
e. 350-450 words: 60 points off
f. 250-349 words: 70 points off
g. 150-249 words: 80 points off
h. <150 words: 100 points off

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