A privileged withe boy in a privilegedsocietys take on quarantine

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A privileged withe boy in a privilegedsocietys take on quarantine

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For complete context, I am a white 8th grader at an exceptional private school who lives in the bay area and is very privileged. Today I will be talking about hat quarantine has been like for me. At the start, I was happy at thought of maybe a few weeks off school because of some flu but then it became serious and school was canceled for the entire year. as the days went on I started a routine. online school from 9 to 2 (with lunch in between of course) then exercise outside for an hour (pretty much just walked my dog most of the time), then play video games for most of the remaining day. video games were the only way I made contact for most of the quarantine with my friends. my favorite games to play during quarantine was 2k and COD but mostly COD. Anyways that has been my life for the last few months and it has not been half bad. Besides the fact I couldn't go out or see any of my friend's quarantine was kinda nice. But after a while, people started getting tired of quarantine and started to see their friends again. It started with most girls who were craving social interaction and then eventually after a few weeks spread to the boys. another thing about quarantine was I was on my phone a lot. I averaged around 7 hours a day of screen time which included binging of Netflix shows, viewing of plenty TikTok, and sending lots of snaps. Some shows I have watched over qaurantine are tiger king, money hiest, community, all american, space force, etc.. also, another thing if this matters to you are my political beliefs. I am liberal and I think trump is an awful president and person (excuse my language). Anyways quarantine hasn't been too exciting and it has been kinda boring. also, the protest in the name of George Floyd and I do not support the violent protests but I truly believe In the cause that they are supporting and I think we shouldn't have to live in a racist world. If I am being honest I would actually like to go to a protest but my parent probably won't let me because its "dangerous" or something along those lines. Anyway, that has been my take on my quarantine and I hope whoever you are that is reading this that you are living in a better world with a better government right now. Thanks for your time.

-please excuse my awful grammar

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