First Lunch in Quarantine


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First Lunch in Quarantine

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When I arrived in China from the United States, I was sent to a hotel to quarantine for 14 days. This was the first lunch in my quarantine. There are 2 meats and 2 vegetables and 1 soup, which tasted very good. I thought it was a special treat in the first day, but the following 13 days was all in the same standard in terms of diet. The variety and quality of food even exceeded some restaurants. I also have fruits, milk, and bread every afternoon. The most important thing was, all the food, including fruit, milk, and bread, was totally free. And despite of the fact that I lived in a luxury hotel, I did not have to pay for it. The government paid for all the expenses during quarantine. The purpose was to alleviate people's financial burden so they would not have intention to reject a test or pretend to be normal when they are actually infected. However, with an excessive number of people entering China, people, many of whom were students studying abroad in foreign countries like US, had to pay the fees by themselves. This was not a big problem for them. After all, they could afford it. And compared with staying in the United States, which faced upon a great risk of explosive growth of confirmed cases, they would definitely choose to be in China no matter of what.
Photograph at a quarantine hotel in China

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