United South and Eastern Tribes Issue Statement on Unrest in the U.S.


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United South and Eastern Tribes Issue Statement on Unrest in the U.S.

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“America is suffering and her people are hurting, angry, and concerned about our fragility and our collective future as a nation. We have reached a tipping point that has long been bubbling under the surface. For the last several days, we have watched the explosion of centuries-old frustrations and tensions, rooted in injustice, erupt in protest and chaos in communities across this country. Unbelievably, this current crisis is unfolding on top of the months-long stress resulting from a once-in-a-generation worldwide pandemic. This pandemic has challenged us all both personally and professionally, taxed us to the point of physical and mental exhaustion, and has exposed disparities and inequities that have long existed within this country.

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United South and Eastern Tribes

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