Soldiers doing land navigation during quarantine

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Soldiers doing land navigation during quarantine

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This is a video of a training event my husband participated in.As you can see the soldiers are taking zero precautions to prevent the coronavirus.After this event 2 people in my husband's squad tested positive for the virus.While they are quarantined the rest of their company who all trained with them and interact in an intimate environment on a daily basis are still being sent to the field together without any testing.In addition to this one of the soldier's who tested positive had a roommate that they were going to force to quarantine with him even though the roommate did not have any systems and was told he could not get tested for coronavirus because he was already supposed to be quarantined.It was only due to my husband interfering and arguing with the chain of command that the decision was made that the two roommates would be quarantined separately.Had he not interfered they would have forced the roommates to quarantine together and essentially force the roommate to contract the virus.It is important to show the negligence of Fort Bragg in regards to protecting their soldiers from the Coronavirus.
122nd Aviation Support Battalion
video from facebook
military, quarantine, facebook, Fort Bragg

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