Arizona becoming case study on how virus curve shoots up

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Arizona becoming case study on how virus curve shoots up

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The Washington Post released an article today titled "How Arizona lost control of the epidemic", highlighting the dramatic increase in cases in the state. Governing decisions and lacking health mandates are being pointed to as why the state has become a global hotspot. Cases were quite low early on, as the state participated in the national lockdown. However, as the state as fully reopened cases have skyrocketed. Governor Ducey came out today in a press conference with a notably different attitude than his previous tone of dismissing the spike in cases, declaring the spike in cases unacceptable but declined to provide info on a second lockdown.

Arizona's role in the story of this pandemic is becoming clear, and is unfortunately a negative one. I felt as though this article and even just its title describes the current situation in the state. In terms of how the pandemic will be studied, Arizona is currently providing the example of what not to do, as other states and countries provide a more positive example. As an Arizona local this is disturbing to me but not very surprising.
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