Life In Isolation: The Coronavirus ...Dalton Bosze

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Life In Isolation: The Coronavirus ...Dalton Bosze

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A virtual exhibition by the Evansville Museum of Art, History and Science
I'll start with one of the most common: I've always washed my hands after going to the bathroom and in general but now I make sure to count to 20 (mainly by singing Row Your Boat and Merrily We Roll Along, and I take my time). I'm washing them more often as recommended, like when coming into a different building or from outside.
My work as a City employee saw ll the offices open their main doors so people don't have to touch the handles. I think it actually makes the air circulate better in the hallway and the offices, it felt fresher. There mostly is little substantive talk on the pandemic. We've been assessing our capabilities of working from home and preparing materials to bring home with us. Activity in a lot of offices is reduced, particularly ones that have high public traffic. Just in case people don't know, the whole Civic Center is closed to the public as of this past week. some people seem to avoid talking about the whole situation. However, we started notifying each other which stores were out of what items.

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onnline exhibition

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Life In Isolation: The Coronavirus

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Evansville Museum of Art, History and Science

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