The Barricades of Cubao

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The Barricades of Cubao

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Last Friday night, an ambulance silently entered our street in Cubao. Although its red and blue lights were spinning, its siren was turned off. In the silence of that Good Friday night, two residents from the building two lots away from where we lived were brought inside the ambulance. As quickly as it appeared, the ambulance left our street.

Yesterday morning, as the world celebrated Easter Sunday, the barricades on the streets of our neighborhood were reinforced. Men and women assigned by the Barangay served as guards, checking the identity of every person who wanted to enter the streets. With vehicles banned from passing through the streets, I had to walk several blocks from our residence to the Barangay Hall to get a Quarantine Pass. It was needed to allow me to buy food and maintenance medicines.

Last night, we were told that one of the residents that were taken by the ambulance last Friday night had tested positive for COVID-19. Stricter measures would be implemented. This, it seems, will be our new normal.

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