Frontline Heroes


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Frontline Heroes

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When the community quarantine kicked in, our outdoor media partner, HDI Admix, had a problem. They had all these massive LEDs as part of their inventory, but there's no one to see them with everyone staying home. What we did was reinvent a mass media touchpoint and turn it into a highly targeted one. We used the massive LEDs as a platform to share a message of strength to the only ones who'll be able to see the LEDs, the frontliners. We reimagined them as modern day superheroes fighting the battle against this pandemic. And these short videos aired in over 20 LED sites in Metro Manila for the remainder of ECQ, aside from being shared on social media.
strength, empowering, support, heroes, frontliners, recognition
[Commander Doctor -- Johnny Tor -- Pharma Sis -- Power Packners -- Super Nurse]

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