Confrontation over mask devolved to Racism at Kingston Coffee House

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Confrontation over mask devolved to Racism at Kingston Coffee House

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A Facebook post relaying an incident in which a staff member at a Kingston coffee shop was verbally attacked when she asked a customer why they weren't wearing a mask in keeping with a city policy requiring them indoors.
It reads as follows:
"Is it not enough that business owners have to contend with troubling and uncertain times? Weighing survival of the business and employees against our own health and lives ?
Is it not enough that we have to deal with confusing directives from provincial and municipal levels who on one hand are asking we do our best to open up patios, and serve customers from outside our region and on the other, are asking us to ramp up the sanitation and work for 8 hour shifts with masks on ?
Is it not enough that following the protocols leads to slower service and irate customers who then leave a lasting 1 star review on google that impacts what's left of the business?
Apparently NOT.
We at Kingston Coffee House are deeply hurt and angered by what one of our staff member had to face this morning. She is from India and has been with us since 2018.
@KFLAPH has made masks mandatory starting from today and we are imposing the same on every customer who enters the premises. One caucasian woman entered Kingston Center location today and was asked by our employee to wear a mask.
In return, she waited for other customers to leave and started banging the tables and abusing the employee by saying :
'you are a bloody Indian who should not be here, your mom and dad haven't raised you well'.
As a BIPOC owned business, we would do our best to track her down and make her responsible. Bringing race into the picture was uncalled for and the ensuing racial slurs were horrid and inhuman.
You can thank your lucky stars Karen that I wasnt personally at the store. You would've got more than your fair share of an earful had I been on site.
( We understand not everyone wants to follow rules and they are entitled to their opinions. We are only trying to enforce what has been made a guideline. PLEASE BE POLITE to every person trying to serve you in these confusing and challenging times. You have to wear a mask for a few minutes when you come in, our staff is wearing it ALL DAY ! )
@ Kingston Coffee House Inc."
confrontation, mask, racism, law, service industry

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