On Wheels Work From Home

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On Wheels Work From Home

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Being in the province during the community quarantine is both an advantage and a challenge. Advantage that I was able to be with my family during the pandemic, moreover, being in an island and rural area in this kind of crisis lessens the possibilities of exposure to the virus. Also because of the abundance of natural resources, food supply was not as horror as to those who are in the urban areas. It was then a challenge if you are working far from your head office especially in the times of following the work from home system. Mobile network provider isn't always present in all areas. Unfortunately we are located at the place where barriers are abundant. The low land area and trees are just among them and not to mention the congestion of the users in the area where a tower can supply. In situations like this, creativity is the key to fulfill the commitments you promised to your work. With my motorcycle, I was able to go to the places where there is a stable signal for a certain period of time and locate another place depending on factors affecting move such as heat, wind, rain and time. Finally, it is a beautiful dishevelment when time is your enemy. It compensates all your effort to reach the places you think are impossible to walk by the wheels. These photos are just a few of the many creative stories crafted by this pandemic.

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