"COVID-19 Letter from the chief"

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"COVID-19 Letter from the chief"

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"We are living in an unprecedented time, facing unprecedented challenges. Situations, details change daily, sometimes even hourly. I think it’s important that you know that our tribe is stable. We have always been a tribe known for paying its bills, taking care of our people, limiting our debt. Let me assure you that is still the Easter Shawnee Tribe, even in these turbulent times. Let me also assure you, your Business Committee, your Business Managers, your tribal employees and your Chief are working tirelessly to address these current challenges. Let me further assure you that with every decision we make, we are acutely concerned with how that decision impacts our tribal citizens. You, each one of you, you are our number one concern."

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Open Letter

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Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma

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