Life During Covid 19

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Life During Covid 19

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During this pandemic my life personally has taken a turn, with my mother being ill with a chronic disease ovarian cancer It was and still very difficult to get through it. I have to be extra careful with going out to places since my mother is a high risk patient. This leaves me with minimal social life which can be depressing because in times like this your friends and close family is your biggest support. This pandemic have impacted many lives, New York a city where there is always a rush and hustle was dimmed down when this pandemic hit which can take a emotional toll on an individual, personally for me since i am an outgoing person It was a difficult adjustment. Furthermore, At some point the same old routine of working remotely and online school can get to you. This pandemic has caused my classes to be fully online which can sometimes be challenging in terms of time management and keeping up with all the work load. Commute has also been rough during this pandemic people are afraid to take the subways making commuting from work an added stress, Overall this pandemic has been a life changing event for many people and I am hoping we soon return to normalcy.
This text story is based on my experience during this pandemic, It relates to my family because it describes the impact of corona virus on my family in terms of being extra cautious of how and where we socialize as well as having to change from being out and about getting our daily chores done to completely being in quarantine. This specific image is from when my mother had to undergo her surgery all alone because no visitor was allowed to be with her during this pandemic. It was a long hard recovery as is but not being able to have your loved ones made it really difficult to cope with this. However, with time and patience she got through it. This year has been emotional and stressful for people as someone is loosing their loved one everyday to this virus, this pandemic overall has impacted the lives of many individuals.
JUNIOR undergrad majoring in Health and Nutrition Science.

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This text story is subjective based on my experience during this pandemic.

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