Distant but Together- COVID-19 pandemic.


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Distant but Together- COVID-19 pandemic.

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Throughout this pandemic it has been quite hard for me and my family because my grandmother is in a nursing home and got the virus. Luckily she is okay and didn't get that sick! However, its been hard and sad to think about how she is all alone in the nursing home still. She can't get any visitors and she stays in her room at all times except when she goes down to do her kidney dialysis. No one in my house had COVID-19 and we were all tested for the antibodies. When we all had to stay home for awhile in the beginning and nothing was open it was nice to be able to spend more time with my family. My parents both work full time and i finally got to spend a lot of time with them. That's one of the brighter parts of the pandemic, I think many families probably grew closer and we realized how much we take our lives for granted. I can't wait to see my grandmother again as i havent seen her since January. I really hope i can see her soon and get to tell her more about whats going on in my life! We talk on the phone almost every day but it's not the same. Slowly life is getting back to normal. I'm excited for restaurants to finally open for indoor eating in NYC after a long time of waiting for the mayor and governor to come to their senses. I'm confident that life will soon be back to the way it was with the vaccine that is coming. This story that i have uploaded is important to me because it made me realize how much i value and love my family. It also made me realize i take them for granted, throughout this pandemic it was scary to think that one of my family members could've gotten the virus. Thankfully we are all healthy and continuing to follow guidelines such as wearing masks when warranted. This year was definitely not as good as other years, but compared to many other people who lost loved ones I'd say this year was pretty good for me. I've learned to count my blessings and thank God every day for keeping me and my family safe and healthy.
I'm currently in my senior year at Brooklyn College majoring in health science.

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text story and meme. I found the meme on google

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Added to vaccine stories collection 1/31/2021 JC

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