‘The likely outcome’: Trump’s COVID diagnosis followed waning precautions at the White House

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‘The likely outcome’: Trump’s COVID diagnosis followed waning precautions at the White House

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This article emphasizes how current president Trump and the first lady has recently tested positive for COVID-19. The article’s main points include expressing the reasoning for Trump’s diagnosis and the precautions that are being held at the White House and across America. I decided to choose this news article because right when I read the title I became very engaged in wanting to figure out what the article was all about. After my reading, I was very glad I took my article to choose and read this one. This article constantly elaborated on the Covid-19 pandemic and revealed how Trump plays a role on how it affects people’s lives. Throughout the article I believe that it was a little biased. Although the article was expressing the facts of the situation it phased it in a way that put the president down. For an example, near the beginning it said “ from holding large gatherings to resisting masks, the president, his administration and his campaign have sent conflicting messages to the American public as they sought to portray an image of strength and normality,”. This part of the article indicates the bad of Trump right in the beginning. Also, towards the end of the article it mentioned that someone spoke saying, “it really ticks me off that we have a president who has failed to do one of the most basic thighs a president should do, which is keep himself safe, “. Although the point of the article was to announce Trump's positive test, it spent a lot of time bashing Trump for not wearing a mask, and holding gatherings that violated proper guidelines. For these reasons I do believe that this article is biased. In addition, the media holds a role in the pandemic, and this article can be an example. This article does elaborate on the facts but it expressed them in a very biased way that may convince people to blame one person or not grasp the entirety of the situation. In other examples the media can rather undermine or exaggerate the truth of the pandemic and the impacts that it holds. The media has shaped many major events throughout the world, and COVID-19 is definitely one of them.

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news article

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USA Today

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