An Interview With my Wife About COVID-19


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An Interview With my Wife About COVID-19
Shivaun Lindsey Oral History, 2020/09/29

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An interview given Shivaun by her wife, Camden regarding COVID-19.

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Camden Bailey

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Shivaun Lindsey

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United States
Hamilton County

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Bailey, Camden 0:03
All right, we're good. Okay, so we are recording. My name is Camden Bailey and I’m the interviewer. I am here with Shivaun Lindsey. The date is September 29, 2020. The time is 10:44pm, eastern time. We are in Cincinnati, Ohio in our home.

Shivaun, I want to briefly review the informed consent and deed of gift document that you signed. This interview is for the COVID-19 Oral History Project, which is associated with the Journal of the Plague Year, a COVID-19 archive. The COVID-19 Oral History Project is a rapid response oral history focus on archiving the lived experience of the COVID-19 epidemic. We have designed this project so that professional researchers in the broader public can create and upload their oral histories to our open access and open source database. This study will help us connect narratives and understandings about COVID-19 as well as help us better understand the impacts of the pandemic over time, even recordings, demographic information and verbatim transcript will be deposited in the Journal of the Plague Year, a COVID-19 archive, and the Indiana University Library System for the use of researchers and the general public. Do you have any questions about the project that I can answer for you?

Lindsey, Shivaun 1:59

Bailey, Camden 2:00
Taking part in the study is voluntary you may choose not to take part or you may leave the study at any time. Leaving the study will not result in any penalty or loss of benefits to you which you are entitled, Your decision whether or not to participate in this study will not affect your current or future relations with Indiana University, IUPUI, or the IUPUI Arts and Humanities Institute, or the University of Cincinnati, through which we are running this project. Participating in this project means that your interview will be recorded and digital video or audio format and may be transcribed. The recording and possible transcriptions of my interviews and copies of any supplementary documents or additional photos that you wish to share. And the informed consent and deed of gift may be deposited in the Journal of the Plague Year, a COVID-19 archive and the Indiana University library system. It will be available to both researchers and the general public. Your name and other means of identification will not be confidential. Do you have any questions?

Lindsey, Shivaun 2:32

Bailey, Camden 2:34
In addition to your signed document, would you please offer a verbal confirmation that you understand and agree to those terms? I am asking that you verbally confirm that you have agreed that your interview will be made available under the following license: (____???) Which one did you agree to? 1. Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International

2. The Covid 19 Oral History Project, the Journal of the Plague Year: A Covid 19 Archive, and and The Trustees of Indiana University (“IU”), acting through its agents, employees, or representatives has an unlimited right to reproduce, use, exhibit, display, perform, broadcast, create derivative works from, and distribute the oral history materials in any manner or media now existing or hereafter developed, in perpetuity, throughout the world. I agree that the oral history materials may be used by the Voices from the Waterways and IU, including its assigns and transferees, for any purposes, including but not limited to, marketing, advertising, publicity, or other promotional purposes. I agree that IU will have final editorial authority over the use of the oral history materials, and I waive any right to inspect or approve of any future use of the oral history materials. Moreover, I agree that the public has the right to use the materials under the terms of fair use (U.S. copyright law Section 107 of the U.S. Copyright Act). Finally, I want to ask you for verbal confirmation that you have agreed that your interviewee, that your, your interview will be made available to the public immediately.

Lindsey, Shivaun 4:36
I confirm

Bailey, Camden 4:41
Alrighty, so some background questions. Um, what is the date and time?

Lindsey, Shivaun 4:51
September 29 2020, and it's 10:48.

Bailey, Camden 4:59
What is your name? And what are the primary things you do on a day to day basis?

Lindsey, Shivaun 5:02
Hi, my name is Shivaun Lindsey and mostly I work and sleep and play video games on a day to day basis.

Bailey, Camden 5:16
Okay, where do you live? And what is it like to live there?

Lindsey, Shivaun 5:19
I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and in an apartment just outside of the very edge of Cincinnati, Ohio. It's pretty fine to live here, it’s quiet.

Bailey, Camden 5:35
When you first learned about COVID-19, what were your thoughts about it? How have your thoughts changed since then?

Lindsey, Shivaun 5:43
I didn't think it would be as impactful as it is.

And what seems much more long term.

Bailey, Camden 5:54
What issues have concerned you? What issues have most concerned you about the Covid-19 pandemic?

Lindsey, Shivaun 6:02
How poorly it’s been like contained

Bailey, Camden 6:11
Okay, in regards to employment, has COVID-19 affected your jobs and in what ways?

Lindsey, Shivaun 6:18
I work from home now, but other than that hasn't really changed much. I still do the same thing just in my home.

Bailey, Camden 6:29
Has COVID-19 changed your employment status?

Lindsey, Shivaun 6:32
No luckily, I have a job that I can do from home so it doesn't change the ability to work.

Bailey, Camden 6:39
What concerns do you have about the effects of COVID-19 on your employment and the economy in the economy more broadly?

Lindsey, Shivaun 6:47
It does make it a lot harder to change jobs. At some point. it's not a good time to look for something else. But mostly it's fine at the moment.

Bailey, Camden 7:06
Has the Covid-19 pandemic affected the employment of people you know?

Lindsey, Shivaun 7:11
Yeah, it's been difficult for my sister I know. And it's been difficult for my fiancée who lost their job.

Bailey, Camden 7:23
You just say me.. you can just say me if you want.

Lindsey, Shivaun 7:25
Yeah, my fiancée, Cam.

Bailey, Camden 7:28
Um, okay. In regards to family and household, how has COVID-19 affected you and in and or your family's day to day activities?

Lindsey, Shivaun 7:37
A lot of staying at home no going anywhere a lot of seeing each other more often.

Bailey, Camden 7:49
How are you managing day to day activities in your household?

Lindsey, Shivaun 7:56
I set an alarm to wake up when I go to work. Try to go to bed at a decent time.

Bailey, Camden 8:12

Lindsey, Shivaun
… day to day activities

Bailey, Camden
Has the Covid-19 outbreak affected how you associate and communicate with friends and family?

Lindsey, Shivaun 8:23
I can't go visit people as easily, but I'm not especially sociable. So, it's a bummer. But I talk to a lot of people online anyway.

Bailey, Camden 8:38
What have been the biggest challenges that you have faced during the Covid-19 outbreak?

Lindsey, Shivaun 8:49
I guess just like reduced income from Cam not having a job. It hasn't had that much of a negative impact on me because I have a job that I could do at home.

Bailey, Camden 9:05
If you want from here on out you can just say like me, instead of like Cam like it that's fine.

Lindsey, Shivaun 9:12
I can say you?

Bailey, Camden 9:13
Yeah, you can say like you.

Lindsey, Shivaun 9:15
Yeah, true.

Bailey, Camden 9:16
Um, okay. What have you your family and friends done for recreation during COVID-19 for example, feel free to include details about shows, games, books, etc.

Lindsey, Shivaun 9:28

Video games. And anime, some other shows. mostly the same things we did before COVID-19. I just also can't go out and eat food with people.

Bailey, Camden 9:46
lots of stay at home dates. Okay, So in regards to community, how has COVID-19 affected, the COVID-19 outbreak affected your community (Remember, you may be part of many communities including school, club, church, job, etc. You are welcome to speak about all of these communities)?

Lindsey, Shivaun 10:08
I guess the only community I'm a part of is job, I don't social -- job wise, we're all working at home. We have to use like text chat with each other instead of just communicating face to face. Otherwise I'm not in any other communities.

Bailey, Camden 10:33
I'm just saying this as a reminder, like just answer these questions like however like, you feel like fit, I said like there's no right or wrong answer.

Lindsey, Shivaun 10:42
Yeah, I know.

Bailey, Camden 10:43
Okay. Um, how have people around… How are people around you responding to the Covid-19 pandemic?

Lindsey, Shivaun 10:50
Well, you're the only person around me. So also staying at home.

Bailey, Camden 10:57

Lindsey, Shivaun 10:57
I think that's kind of the point of the epidemic…Of the pandemic, pandemic. There are no people around me.

Bailey, Camden 11:05
Yeah. Um, have you seen the people around you change their opinions, day to day activities, or relationships in response to the pandemic?

Lindsey, Shivaun 11:14
No, there are no people around me. Except for, except for you and we both have pretty much the same feelings about it.

Bailey, Camden 11:24
Well like, I guess like, maybe to expand on this a little bit like what about like, like, your like other friends or like, you know, from like, real life or like, or like even online friends?

Lindsey, Shivaun 11:38
They haven't really either like, I don’t, my friends are not idiots so we're all kind of like yeah this is a serious issue and still think that and continued to think that the whole time.

Bailey, Camden 11:53
Um, so self isolation and flattening the curve have been two key ideas that have emerged during the pandemic. How have you, your family, friends, and the community responded to requests to self isolate and flatten the curve?

Lindsey, Shivaun 12:09
Most people I know are not stupid. So they've been doing a good job staying home, including me. And I don’t know, I would assume my parents aren't but I don’t know exactly, but I know what my friends are. I know Allison is, my sister.

Bailey, Camden 12:31
Has COVID-19 changed your relationship with families, friends and community?

Lindsey, Shivaun 12:36
Can't, go see people in person as often but not really other than that.

Bailey, Camden 12:41
Okay, some questions about health.

Have you or anybody you know, gotten sick during the Covid-19 outbreak?

Lindsey, Shivaun 12:51
Like not with COVID-19. I had a cold.

Bailey, Camden 12:58
What has what has been your experience responding to the sickness

Lindsey, Shivaun 13:02
to COVID-19 sickness?

Bailey, Camden 13:05
I think to like….

Lindsey, Shivaun 13:06
Sickness in general?

Bailey, Camden 13:07
It doesn't specify like if sick with COVID or are just sick.

Lindsey, Shivaun 13:13
No one got COVID that I know of. Um, normal sickness. I didn't get anything that required going to the doctor, so just kinda dealt with it like normal.

Bailey, Camden 13:25
And what ways do you think COVID-19 is affecting people's mental and or physical health?

Lindsey, Shivaun 13:31
Probably hard for, I know I've gotten fatter. Mentally, I'm sure it's hard for some people. It's pretty easy for me to stay home though.

Bailey, Camden 13:43
So questions about the government.

Lindsey, Shivaun 13:45
Oh boy

Bailey, Camden 13:49
How have municipal leaders and government officials in your community responded to the outbreak?

Lindsey, Shivaun 13:54
I don't know.

Bailey, Camden 13:56
Well, think about like, likewhat is like the state of Ohio done?

Lindsey, Shivaun 14:02
I don't know. What have they done. I stay at home. I’m doing my part.

Bailey, Camden 14:10

Lindsey, Shivaun 14:11
We either die or we don't.

Bailey, Camden 14:13
Oh my god. Um, do you have any thoughts on how local, state, or federal leaders are responding to the crisis differently?

Lindsey, Shivaun 14:23
Well, I think large scale has been pretty bad, pretty poor response. I don't know about local ones, though. Or the state ones.

Bailey, Camden 14:33
Like could you maybe elaborate on like what you think like, I guess the national government has done wrong, like poorly.

Lindsey, Shivaun 14:42
It just feels like things aren't being taken seriously enough. And it feels like there's a lot of people who don't take it seriously enough from because people in power don't seem to be taking it seriously enough kind of sets a poor example. A lot of lack of timely response, is kind of what’s an issue.

Bailey, Camden 15:06
Alright, here's some questions about the future. Has your experience transformed how you think about your family, friends and community?

Lindsey, Shivaun 15:16
No, not really.


Bailey, Camden 15:22
How does this pandemic compare to other big events that have happened in your lifetime?

Lindsey, Shivaun 15:32
I guess the only other like, big thing was 9/11. And I don't remember that because I was seven very well.

Bailey, Camden 15:42

Lindsey, Shivaun 15:44
I know it had lots of impact, but I was too young to have any idea really.

Bailey, Camden 15:49
Well, like, I guess do you like remember, like any of the aftermath of like, 9/11?

Lindsey, Shivaun 15:56
I remember people talking about it, but it never had any impact on me.

Bailey, Camden 16:01
Okay, like, um, okay, that's fine. Um, what can you imagine your life being like, in a year?

Lindsey, Shivaun 16:13
Hopefully not still in quarantine. But I wouldn't be surprised at all. I would like to be able to go out and see people. But I kinda would not be surprised at all if it's the same thing. So…

Bailey, Camden 16:28
I guess you pretty much answered the next question, which is what do you hope your life is like, in a year?

Lindsey, Shivaun 16:32

Not in quarantine anymore.

Bailey, Camden 16:35
Um, knowing what you know, now, what do you think that individuals communities, or governments need to keep in mind for the future?

Lindsey, Shivaun 16:48
People should be more flexible with like, trying to prevent these types of things and be more willing to quickly respond to them and potentially, like, isolate. I don't know.

Bailey, Camden 17:09
Like, okay, I guess like, let me like, I guess like, rephrase it. So what if you're like a decrepit old lady right in a nursing home?

Lindsey, Shivaun 17:19
Oh my gosh.

Bailey, Camden 17:19
And like, the President or whatever comes in, and it's like you were alive during Coronavirus. What should we do? Because we have this plague coming?

Lindsey, Shivaun 17:33
Oh, God I don't know. I think I would just like, probably ask them why they're coming to talk to me, because they've already screwed up.

Bailey, Camden 17:49

Lindsey, Shivaun 17:53
They're already doing the wrong thing. You should go ask someone else. To say listen to the people who really know what they're doing and talking about pandemic, like, biologists and stuff. Take the science very seriously.

Bailey, Camden 18:10
Okeydokes, well that looks like that's all the questions. Um, did you have anything else like you wanted to say or anything else you want to share?

Lindsey, Shivaun 18:23

Bailey, Camden 18:24
All right, well,that's a wrap.

Lindsey, Shivaun 18:28

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