Food Creations During Quarantine

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Food Creations During Quarantine

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Pre-Quarantine, there was the opportunity maybe once a week to cook something extravagant for dinner; it was always a treat coming home from work and having the house already filled with some aroma that made instantly remember just how hungry I was. As quarantine limited both other responsibilities and the opportunity to go out to eat, the chances to experiment became more frequent. My grandmother had previously run a restaurant years ago, so this became my opportunity to sous chef and learn some of the tricks of the trade. The infrequent aromas of 2019 were replaced by the almost daily culinary adventures that we went on, be it cooking, baking, or anything in between. For myself, and so many others, baking definitely become a type of release to combat the mood swings and general boredom that quarantine offered up on a daily basis. For my cooking escapades, I would usually stray towards the foods that offered comfort, either through their taste or through their smell. Not being restricted by a mask indoors made the simple act of inhaling that much more enjoyable. There was something that was comforting about having those smells wafting through the house, almost a sense of nostalgia not so much for pre-quarantine but for childhood maybe?

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