Introverts love being indoors

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Introverts love being indoors

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How this simple facial expression illustrates government inaction, is the fact that the state governments have generally done one thing consistently, keep everyone indoors for longer periods of time than originally anticipated, and introverts love this. Not to be bothered by anyone else but themselves, the best part is, the duration of said quarantine keeps increasing, from a few weeks, then a month, then multiple months, half a year, nearly hitting nine months so far. Now due to the fact that the United States is such a large country featuring different cultures and conditions, very little federal law has been made in response to the virus. In fact some states, such as California, took a very cautious route of keeping everyone indoors for longer and longer periods of time. In contrast to other states, such as Wyoming. That state never went into a total lockdown, they only limited gatherings of 10 people at a time. Then loosened to 25, and now lifted the restriction at all. With only 760 positive cases, in a state filled with thousands of people. By leaving the state governments to decide on their restrictions was the best course of action, since there is no, “One size fits all” solution for each state. By having the federal government exercise inaction and allowing the states to work on their solutions could have potentially saved the economy from entering an even worse state or spiked the positive cases to an even higher extent.

Coleman, Kali. These 6 States Never Went into Lockdown. Here's How They're Doing. 10 June 2020,

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