ワクチン集団接種“初訓練”3分想定も最大26分に(2021年1月27日) – Vaccine mass vaccination "first training" assumed 3 minutes and up to 26 minutes (January 27, 2021)

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ワクチン集団接種“初訓練”3分想定も最大26分に(2021年1月27日) – Vaccine mass vaccination "first training" assumed 3 minutes and up to 26 minutes (January 27, 2021)

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This was a news video where Kawasaki city in Japan conducted a practice round of vaccination process. Personally, I do get the reason why the practice is happening; however, Japan still doesn't have a set date of when vaccinations will actually happen. This news and event itself could lead to people having high hopes of getting vaccinations soon when in reality, it could take much longer. Unlike U.S., Japan does not have a culture of drive through, meaning people physically have to go to locations for the vaccines. Also, having large gatherings like this I personally think should be avoided and maybe they should have videotaped it and posted on YouTube on how to get vaccinated, instead of many people physically going to the place and learning how to be vaccinated.

I have translated the video.

After 1:00 pm on the 7th, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and Kawasaki City conducted a training for mass distribution of the new coronavirus vaccine. The training also cooperated with Pfizer, which supplies vaccines. About 40 vounteers of doctors, nurses, and patients checked the actual flow. At the venue, there was also a freezer where vaccines could be stored at a minus temperature 70 degrees or less. The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has already conveyed the message of mass distribution to each local government.

First, at the reception, complete the temperature measurement and identity verification, and fill in the questionnaire about your health condition and chronic illness. Next, a pre-examination will be conducted to see if the doctor can actually vaccinate, and if there are no problems, vaccination will be given. You will then need to wait 15-30 minutes to receive a vaccinated certificate and follow up for any side effects. According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, it takes 3 minutes per person from pre-examination to vaccination, and if it takes 7 hours, 280 people can get the vaccine a day. However, it is said that some people took up to 26 minutes from the pre-examination to the vaccination in the training.

Kawasaki City College of Nursing, President Noboru Sakamoto: "I was a simulation patient today, but I feel like I would continue asking questions like ‘I am really scared of allergies from this vaccination’. People who are receiving the vaccination are most likely afraid so we would need to consider and adjust the fact that people will ask questions, for future vaccination sessions” the issue of selecting a venue was also pointed out.

Kawasaki City College of Nursing, President Noboru Sakamoto: "I think it's okay if it's a gymnasium, but when it comes to elementary, junior high and high schools, we use it in regular class for students. Once vaccination starts, we have to use it for at least half a year or a long period of time. Given that it is unbearable, we will not be able to use gymnasiums that are used for education every day.” Some local governments cannot prepare large venues.

In Izu Oshima, which has a population of about 7,500, we plan to vaccinate at the Oshima Medical Center, the only medical institution on the island. Oshima Town Welfare Health Division, Tetsuya Yoshizawa, Chief: "We plan to have Saturdays and Sundays, which are holiday medical treatment days, considering the system of medical staff. If that is not enough, we are considering about one day from the weekday. However, the trouble is that we have to vaccination twice. This is just new for us.” The vaccine will be shipped by ship, but the schedule may be affected depending on the weather.

Tetsuya Yoshizawa, Chief of the Oshima Town Welfare Health Division: "Of course, depending on the weather conditions, it may be canceled. If we can't see when the vaccine will arrive, it's hard to prepare.” Vaccines are first transported from warehouses that can be stored at ultra-low temperatures to hospitals equipped with freezing facilities. However, since the number of facilities equipped with freezing facilities is limited, we plan to refrigerate the facilities and transport them to each vaccination site and facilities for the elderly. The government plans to secure 10,000 ultra-low temperature freezers and aims to complete the installation by the end of May.

At a facility for the elderly in Chiba City, we have begun to consider whether vaccination can be done at the facility. This is because elderly people with dementia are admitted and it is difficult to take them to the vaccination site.

Chiba Workers Welfare Association, Megumi Kadowaki, Director of Nursing Care: "If possible, it is safest to ask a" family doctor "and inject the vaccine." However, whether the family doctor is given permission to inject the new corona vaccine is still unknown. In addition, Ms. Kadowaki wants the procedure for vaccination to be as simple as possible.

Chiba Workers Welfare Association, Megumi Kadowaki, Long-term Care Manager: "Employees are doing their best to prevent infection and protect users of the center, so I would like you to reduce the new office work as much as possible" because there are still those who cannot visit the vaccination.

Dr. Tomitsuka is visiting the clinic in Ota-ku, Tokyo. There are currently 60 patients on-site. In the middle of this month, Ota-ku recruited doctors to register as vaccination doctors for patients, including me. He says he intends to join, but he is worried about carrying the vaccine.

Director of Seseragi Clinic Tamagawa Taro Tomitsuka: "The biggest fear is that the vaccine's effect is lost after transportation because the environment of minus several ten degrees cannot be maintained. At the end, I have to vaccinate it. I am accustomed to storing and transporting the vaccine. I really want people who are used in transporting and maintaining the temperature to do it.”

It is said that cooperation with doctors will become more important in the future toward the first vaccination. Director of Seseragi Clinic Tamagawa / Taro Tomitsuka: "I think it's safer and more secure if you leave it to your family doctor, but on the other hand, it's a vaccination that requires speed, so you can involve local doctors well.” Minister Kono met with the presidents of the National Mayors' Association. Minister Kono, in charge of vaccination: "I told you that vaccination of the elderly will be after April 1st at the earliest.

7日午後1時過ぎ、厚生労働省と川崎市による新型コロナウイルスワクチンの集団接種の訓練が行われました。訓練は、ワクチンを供給するファイザーも協力。医師や看護師、患者役などのエキストラ約40人で、実際の流れを確認します。会場には、マイナ70度以下でワクチンを保管できる冷凍庫も用意されました。 厚労省は、すでに、集団接種のイメージを各自治体に伝えています。まず受付で、検温や本人確認などを済ませ、健康状態や持病などを問診票に記入。次に、実際に医師が接種できるかどうかを診る予診を行い、問題がなければワクチン接種を行います。その後、接種済みの証明書を受け取り、副反応が出ないかの経過観察のため、15~30分、待機する必要があります。 厚労省は、予診から接種まで1人3分で、7時間行えば、一日280人が、ワクチンを打つことができるとしています。ただ、訓練では予診から接種まで、最大で26分かかった人もいたといいます。 川崎市立看護短期大学・坂元昇学長:「きょうは模擬患者だったが、つい本音で『これってアレルギーが怖いんですね』とか、お医者さんを目の前にすると、そういう話が延々と続いてしまう。受けられる方は不安だろうから、たくさん質問するというものを今後、どうやって調整するか」 会場選びの課題も指摘されました。 川崎市立看護短期大学・坂元昇学長:「体育館だったらなんでもいいやと思われるが、小中高校になると、通常の授業で使う。いったん予防接種が始まれば、少なくとも半年とか、長い期間、使わざる負えないということを考えると、日々、教育で使うような体育館等は使えないだろう」 大きな会場が用意できない自治体もあります。人口約7500人の伊豆大島では、島内唯一の医療機関・大島医療センターで接種を行う予定です。 大島町福祉けんこう課・吉澤哲也課長:「医療従事者の体制等も考えて、休日の診療日にあたる土曜、日曜を予定。それで対応しきれない場合は、平日いずれかの曜日1日くらいを考えている。ただ、厄介なのが2回、接種しなければいけないというところで。いかんせん何もかも初めてなので」 ワクチンは船で運ばれる予定ですが、天候次第でスケジュールに影響が出る可能性もあります。 大島町福祉けんこう課・吉澤哲也課長:「当然、天候状況によっては“欠航”ということもある。我々もワクチンが、いつごろ手元に届くのか、その辺が見えてこないと、準備のほうもなかなか進めるに進められない」 ワクチンは、超低温保存ができる倉庫から、まずは、冷凍設備が整った病院などに運ばれます。ただ、冷凍設備が整った施設は限られているため、その後は、冷蔵で、各接種会場や高齢者施設などに運ばれていく予定です。政府は、超低温冷凍庫を1万台確保する方針で、5月中の設置完了を目指しています。 千葉市にある高齢者施設では、施設で接種ができないかと検討を始めました。入所しているのが認知症の高齢者で、接種会場へ連れていくことが難しいためです。 千葉勤労者福祉会・門脇めぐみ介護部長:「できれば“かかりつけ医”が問診をして、ワクチンを接種してしただくのが一番、安心」 ただ、かかりつけ医に新型コロナのワクチンの接種許可が下りるかは、まだ、わからないといいいます。さらに、門脇さんは、接種までの手続きなどを、なるべく簡潔にしてほしいと訴えます。 千葉勤労者福祉会・門脇めぐみ介護部長:「職員は、感染対策と利用者さんを守ることで精いっぱいなので、新たに生じる事務作業は極力減らしていただきたい」 接種会場に足を運べない人は、まだいます。東京都大田区で訪問診療を行っている富塚医師。訪問診療している患者は現在60人います。今月中旬には、大田区から患者にワクチン接種をする医師として登録するよう呼び掛けられました。応じるつもりだといいますが、ワクチンを運ぶことに不安があるといいます。 せせらぎクリニック多摩川・富塚太郎院長:「マイナス数十度の環境が保てなくて、ワクチンの効果が運搬後になくなっているというのが最大の恐怖。最後は私が打つ。ワクチンの保存と運搬は慣れた人にしていただきたいのが本音」 初めてのワクチン接種に向け、今後は、医師の連携が、より大切になってくるといいます。 せせらぎクリニック多摩川・富塚太郎院長:「かかりつけ医に任せていただければ、より安全・安心で、対処できると思うけど、一方で、速さを求められているワクチン接種なので、うまく地域の医者を巻き込んでいただければなと」 河野大臣は、全国市長会会長らと会談しました。 “ワクチン接種”担当・河野大臣:「高齢者のワクチン接種が、早くても4月1日以降になるとお伝えした。

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