Covid-19 Experience

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Covid-19 Experience

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The world was fine,
Because we were all able to physically intertwined.
We were able to roam the streets freely,
Walk the park carelessly,
Praise in church effortlessly,
And enter our homes easily.
For the past year,
Livelihood has been invaded by a monster called covid-19.
The WHO has declared a world pandemic.
New protocols in place in order to win drastically.
We are told to stay indoors,
Wash our hands frequently and wear a mask when outdoors.
No more social gathering, visiting friends or family.
Life has become a solitary
If we disobey,
The monster virus will lend our life journey.
Thousands have been killed and millions affected.
It attacks the human lungs,
That makes breathing feel like misery.
Compared to the flu,
It makes one sneeze and cough,
With unbearable body pain.
We just got to keep praying that God keeps and protects us during this time.
Despite the introduction of a weapon vaccine to take control.
The frustration, anxiety and fear kicks in daily.
Still wondering when will life return to normalcy.
undergrad majoring in HNSC

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