Won't You Be My Stranger

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Won't You Be My Stranger

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Before Covid-19 descended upon Chicago, Ukrainian Village was a neighborhood of friends and acquaintances. The threat of illness has suspended neighborly activities. The neighbor whose door this belongs to has a beagle named Molly I used to pet on her walks. Now Molly and I keep our distance, lest her owner or I get sick. It’s demoralizing not to be able to trust people, not because of any personal shortcoming, but because of the potential that one of our health be jeopardized. The status friend and acquaintance has been supplanted by temporary stranger.
The image is of two signs on a fence. One sign is a fabricated sign that reads, "WARNING/24 HOUR VIDEO/SURVEILLANCE/PRIVATE PROPERTY/NO TRESPASSING" and the other sign is taped above this, reading, "DO NOT TOUCH/THIS DOOR!!/WITH YOUR DIRTY ASS/CORONA HANDS!/I CAN SEE YOU, NASTY!"

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