Staying Fit & Eating Healthy During This Pandemic

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Staying Fit & Eating Healthy During This Pandemic

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This pandemic has been one of the hardest things I ever had to go through. I think its safe to say that most individuals across the world have been negatively impacted by COVID-19. I personally found it very hard to eat healthy & remain fit. When COVID-19 began to grow to pandemic proportions, the world shut down. Communities full of small business that were once booming began to close down temporarily while others dissipated as the pandemic continued throughout the entire year. As the gym’s began to close and supermarkets became congested to apocalyptic proportions, I found myself inactive at home for weeks trying to eat whatever was most convenient at the time. This meant heavily modified and processed foods like cup noodles and mcdonalds through a delivery app. Overall, I found myself weighing about 20 plus in less than 3 months. As I looked at my body in the mirror, a fire lit inside of me and motivated me to do something about my current living situation before its too late. I began to workout at home shadow boxing while lifting a 60lbs sack of rice as well as cooking some of that same rice soon after. If there was no rice left, i’d use a huge cat litter sack. I believe that home cooked meals and home workouts has temporarily caused me to go back to the BMI I had before this pandemic took a toll on me as well as millions around the world. I look forward to becoming a Phys-Ed and Health teacher in the future because this pandemic has thought me how important being healthy is as well as how it may impact the wellbeing of millions around the world. If I can promote healthy behaviors that my potential students can follow for the rest of their lives, then I feel like my job is done.
I support the idea that in 2020, In specific COVID-19 will go down in history as a tragic event much like the Spanish-flu. Millions were left without a job fighting to pay rent while balancing school as well as the wellbeing of their children. The homeless population and obesity increased. To me this is a crazy time we are living through but I will keep my head up and bare for what may come soon after since I'm confident this is not the last time we will go through a pandemic.
Senior undergrad majoring in Physical Education
The items I will be submitting are what helped me remain healthy and fit during this pandemic. A bag of cat litter I used to lift in creative ways as well as boxing gloves.

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