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The people, surfing on America,
Their board. Relying on it to carry them above the waters of Bigotry and chaos, the board is old
and Bloated with water, but it works. Then a wave,
which we did not want to catch, a wave called covid
hit the people and we
were thrown off our board and into the water.
Every time we tried to resurface, one of the currents that made the wave more powerful,
Racism, Bigotry, power hunger and greed
would pull us back under right as we were about to resurface.
Dragging us deeper than when we were thrown off the board and slamming us into the sandy
ground. Finally the wave had ceased and we, the people tried to swim back up,
trying to get a hold on our board. I'm thinking about what I will do when we finally resurface for
air. Maybe I will go to school and see multiple friends at the same time, watch some
new movies instead of the ones that are being recycled. I look forward to the day when the
people get back on our board and I can see my friends.
Maybe people will have learned by then that racism,
sexism, Homophobia and bigotry in general are our enemies,
Who knows, as long as we’re dreaming.

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