Dealing with Covid at work

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Dealing with Covid at work

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Dealing with Covid at work has been the worst thing that has happened to me. I was at work and had just found out that one of my close co-workers had tested positive for Covid. I was shock. Everyone at my job was scared but in honest truth I was just relax because I knew I didn't have it. Thought wrong. A week after I started to feel a little light headed but I figured it was normal. I had went to go get tested just in case and believe it or not my test came back Positive as well.
The minute I found out I tested positive I started to freak out. I didn't understand why I tested positive to be really honest due to the fact I didn't feel sick at all. I had to quarantine and honest truth I hated it. I wasn't allowed to go anywhere. After two weeks of quarantine I went to get tested again. Once I got my results I was relived because I tested back negative. This relates to a particular aspect of the pandemic because I actually caught it. I thought I was really the one to catch it because I wear my mask and take percussion but I did. Not everyone gets the same reaction.
My affiliation with Bronx community college is that I'm a student there.

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