A Souper Way to Arm yourself against the Virus


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A Souper Way to Arm yourself against the Virus
Jared Holmberg Oral History, 2021/08/02

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When the Pandemic first broke out, I was concerned that I would catch the virus since I was working in an elementary school at the time. I thought of various ways to boost my immune system and I thought making healthy soups sounded like the best idea. I looked through the internet and I found this healthy quinoa soup recipe. I tried it and absolutely loved it. It was savory, hearty, and contained a rich blend of rustic flavors. This dish became one of my favorites throughout 2020 and I still cook it from time to time. For anyone looking for a healthy way to fight the virus, I recommend this recipe.

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Jared Holmberg

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Jared Holmberg

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United States of America

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Jared Holmberg 0:00
Hello everyone, this is Jared Holmberg. I am a History MA student at ASU and I'm going to talk about a soup recipe that helped me get through the pandemic. The date is August 2, 2021. And the time is 10:34am Eastern Standard Time. So I've always been a big fan of soups. But when the COVID-19 virus broke out, I wanted to find one that would boost my immune system. I came across a recipe on for quinoa soup back in February 2020. The soup included diced tomatoes along with a variety of hearty vegetables all boiled in chicken broth. I decided to try the recipe and I immediately loved, it became a routine dish for me. I enjoyed this recipe because it provides so many vegetables in such an easy to eat meal. I managed to stay pretty healthy throughout the pandemic and I would imagine the soup played a big role in my overall health. I did some research to find out how soups in general health are related. And this is what I found. According to the chest journal, people will seek out chicken soups because they provide a social support, together with the research associated with doing something. Chicken soup also involves a lengthy and loving process which can provide a real psychological support. And another source I found Parkview Health said this: in 1978, doctors at Mount Sinai in Miami Beach looked at nasal mucus velocity. In the study the doctors compare the differences among subjects who drink hot water, hot chicken soup or cold water. Participants drink hot liquids by sipping or using a straw whereas those drinking cold water only sipped. They want to see if nasal congestion was influenced by inhaling steam or merely consuming the liquid itself when utilizing a straw. They found that hot liquids worked better in terms of mucus velocity. They concluded that the results had something to do with the inhalation of the vapors and soup ingestion. Even when compared to the sipped hot water, the chicken soup still showed a more significant increase in nasal mucus velocity and decongestion, whether it's sipped or suck for a straw. So what can we conclude from these findings? We can conclude the hot liquids, specifically chicken soup can cause a temporary loosening or decongestion in the nose. And according to these results, cold water may increase congestion. So if you're suffering from an upper respiratory tract infection, it might be in your best interest to sip on this chicken soup or some other form of warm liquid throughout the day. I thought it was really interesting that the activity of cooking soup can have a psychological effect on us. I often felt comforted by the aroma of hot vegetables steaming in chicken broth whenever I cook the soup. So if you are feeling a little bit sick or want to protect yourself from the virus, I recommend you give this recipe a try. Thank you.

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