Death of a Beloved Pet

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Death of a Beloved Pet

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This item is an update to item 45606 - "Diminished Quality of Veterinary Care During the Pandemic." My darling, beloved dog, Evie, passed away Sunday, August 1st, 2021. My family's hearts and mine are broken. Evie was with us for 10 amazing years. We got her the week my husband and I moved into our first home (we were unmarried at the time). She was a part of the marriage proposal. My husband literally said, "Evie and I would like to know if you would marry us." She was in our engagement photos. When I was pregnant and on bed rest for 6 months, she laid with me, her head on my belly. When our daughter was born and we came home from the hospital, she leapt the baby gate to come meet her and check on me (the only time she ever leapt that gate). During the pandemic, she was always at our sides from every Zoom meeting, for every missed holiday, for every tear of frustration and loneliness. We were blessed to have that extra time with her. When she was diagnosed with cancer, we were terrified we would lose her, but she made it through. Not this time. On July 11th, I noticed she seemed a little underweight. That night she started having diarrhoea. None of the usual remedies would stop it. I called the vet on the 13th. Due to the pandemic, they couldn't see her until the 17th. At that point that did a fecal and blood work and gave us metrinidozole for the diarrhea. That helped initially, but success was short lived. More blood work was needed, which was done a few days later. It took nearly a week to get results. They narrowed the problem down to the small intestine, but were not entirely sure what was causing it. They suggested perhaps it was IBS and all we had to do was find a food she could digest better. Meanwhile, her health continued to decline. The evening of July 31st, Evie looked terrible. I took her to the emergency vet the following morning. I had to call around because the wait times were hours long to be seen. I got her into one relatively close to our house, but due to the pandemic I was not allowed in. The vet who I never got to even see wanted to keep Evie over night, rerun a bunch of tests, and charge us $2,660. I had a feeling she would not make it through all that, so we settled on giving her IV fluids and antiemetics and sending her home with me. I intended to contact the vet immediately monday morning, but that was not to be. As soon as we got home from the emergency vet, Evie could no longer walk or hold her head up. I sat with her all day. After dinner, I picked her up and carried her over to the couch where we always snuggled. We had just laid down together, she took 3 deep shuttering breaths, and stopped breathing. Her eyes were shaking like she was having a seizure, but her body was still. Her heart was pounding, then it slowed, and two minutes later it stopped. My baby was gone. I will always wonder if it had not been the pandemic if we could have identified the problem faster. I will never know. Life will never be the same.

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