Marci LeMonnier Oral History, 2021/10/05


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Marci LeMonnier Oral History, 2021/10/05
Oral History with Middle School Student

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As her parent, it was interesting to ask my daughter questions about the pandemic and hear her responses. As a family, we were really lucky to stay healthy and be able to spend a lot of extra time together.

I've transcribed the interview in the attached Word file.
A mother interviews her daughter about her experience as a middle school student during the Covid pandemic. Topics include physical and mental health, online school, and friendships.

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Marci LeMonnier

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Claire LeMonnier

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United States of America

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Marci LeMonnier interviews her daughter about her COVID-19 experience in middle school.

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0 ML: Introduces self. CL: States name and age, no consent. ML: How did you feel when you were informed rest of semester online? CL: Relieved, knew about danger of corona. ML: What adjustments did you have to make? CL: Really hard, had to do class on Google classroom. ML: What about adjustments for personal life?
1 CL: Stayed inside a lot, painted more. ML: Changes in family life or social life? CL: Did more as family, got to spend time on boats on Provo Lake. Friendships detiorated. ML: Experience with online classes since then? CL: Much easier as time went on, more realistic, enjoyed more than in person.
2 ML: That was 8th grade. What was 8th grade year like? CL: Online better. ML: How often did you do online? CL: Online 3 days, 2 days in person. ML: What were some hardships experienced? CL: Hard without friends, boring. ML: Joys? CL: Relaxing, more time with self.
3 ML: How did you take care of health? CL: Trips to lake helped mental health. Didn't have to worry about school as much. Physical health, stayed inside. Didn't get corona. ML: Turning point for you?
4 CL: First time Corona hit Utah. Thought it was a worldly thing. Knew it would hit soon. ML: Able to get vaccine? CL: Able to get it, don't like shots normally. ML: Anything to add? CL: Think covid will be around for a lot longer.

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Marci LeMonnier 00:01
This is Marci LeMonnier and I'm interviewing my daughter, Claire LeMonnier. For the record, will you state your name and age?

Claire LeMonnier 00:09
My name is Claire LeMonnier and I’m 15.

Marci LeMonnier 00:12
Uhm, so in 7th grade back in March of 2020, how did you feel when you were informed that the remainder of the semester would be online?

Claire LeMonnier 00:24
I was kind of relieved. I had heard of the danger of Corona, but all the teachers up to that day had been saying that we wouldn't be let out of school. And when the announcement was made, I was really happy.

Marci LeMonnier 00:37
What kind of adjustments did you have to make?

Claire LeMonnier 00:40
We did the remainder of the school year on Google Classroom. It was actually really hard because the teachers put in the same amount of work that they've been expecting to do in class, so we spent a lot of time online doing online school.

Marci LeMonnier 00:55
OK, what about adjustments for your personal life?

Claire LeMonnier 00:58
Obviously I stay inside a lot. Uhm, I actually started to paint more. I had more time for my activities instead of spending it on school.

Marci LeMonnier 01:08
OK, what about changes in your family life and social life?

Claire LeMonnier 01:12
Uhm, in my family life, we got to play more games together and spend more time, especially on the boat on the Provo or Utah Lake. In my social life, I was quarantined so we could we couldn't see our friends. So obviously that kind of deteriorated my friendships a bit, but Uhm, I played, I did lots of things online with them and had lots of voice visits so it was OK.

Marci LeMonnier 01:42
K. What has been your experience with the online classes since then?

Claire LeMonnier 01:49
Uhm, we adjusted to it really quickly. The next year in Centennial, it was much easier and the teachers also adjusted so it was much more realistic and I actually enjoyed it a lot more than in-person school.

Marci LeMonnier 02:06
So that was your 8th grade year. So just briefly tell me online and in person. How was your 8th grade year?

Claire LeMonnier 02:15
Uh, online was better in person was...

Marci LeMonnier 02:20
Like how often did you do online and how often did you do in person?

Claire LeMonnier 02:25
So we had two days a week of in person school and then the other three days would be online but the online days weren't really zoom calls or anything, it's just assignments from the other two days.

Marci LeMonnier 02:37
OK, cool. Uhm, So what were some of the hardships that you experienced because of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Claire LeMonnier 02:46
It was really hard not being out with friends at first it was. It felt kind of relaxing, but eventually it became really boring and long.

Marci LeMonnier 02:53
And what about the joys?

Claire LeMonnier 02:57
Uh, it was really relaxing, even if it was boring and I got to spend more time with myself instead of on other things.

Marci LeMonnier 03:06
How did you take care of your health, both mental and physical?

Claire LeMonnier 03:11
Mental health. The trips that we made outside to the lake like helped my mental health a lot. It wasn’t a bad year because I didn't have to worry about the pressures of school as much and physical health we stayed inside and, uhm, we didn’t get Corona, so that was a benefit of physical health, but we had less time to like take walks or exercise because of it.

Marci LeMonnier 03:39
And then has there been a turning point in the pandemic for you? Like when you felt like things changed?

Claire LeMonnier 03:47
Things changed um...Probably the first time things changed was, the first time I heard about Corona in Utah. Until then, it seemed like a like a worldly thing instead of a local thing. And I heard from a friend that they knew person who had it and was even in Provo, and that's kind of what I realized that it would be hitting us soon too.

Marci LeMonnier 04:12
K. What about the vaccine? Were you able to get the vaccine? How did you feel about the vaccine?

Claire LeMonnier: 04:18
I was able to get it. I don't really like shots normally, but I knew it was really important so I was really happy that I could get it.

Marci LeMonnier 04:28
K, is there anything else you want to add about COVID-19 pandemic?

Claire LeMonnier 02:34
Not really, it's just I I think it's gonna be around here for a lot longer so I just hope everybody sticks up to the challenges.

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