Employee Interview Regarding Covid-19


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Employee Interview Regarding Covid-19
Angelica Coronado Oral History, 2021/11/29

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I interviewed a co-worker from S. Mary's University and wanted to get her input on how this pandemic has affected her from working from home and getting adjusted to coming back on campus. Angelica Coronado, has been employed with St. Mary's for about two years now. When she began working here the pandemic hit and she was not prepared for what was to come at all like so many others. Getting adjusted to not coming to work every day changed for everyone and getting costumed to working online was hard on some people. But after a year once again everyone was back at work in campus and trying to keep the campus safe people were required to get vaccinated. But most importantly trying to get back to normal and making sure the students felt safe is St. Mary's priority.

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Aurora Torres

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Angelica Coronado

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Aurora Torres 0:01
Hello, good morning. It is November the 29th 2021. It is 10:40am. I am here in St. Mary's University Law School The Raba building with Angelica Coronado. Hi Angie, how are you?
Angelica 0:15
I'm well, thank you.
Aurora Torres 0:17
Can you please state me your full name and what is your job description here?
Angelica 0:21
Of course, I am Anjelica Coronado. I am the receptionist, Admin. Assistant for the Law School Faculty.
Aurora Torres 0:30
Sounds great! Tell me, Angie, for working for the law faculty, how long have you been here?
Angelica 0:36 Two years.
Aurora Torres 0:37
Two years. So, about two years ago, it was when the pandemic struck us worldwide. Tell me how did that come into effect here on campus
Angelica 0:49
That affected campus in a major way. The school shut down to the students, the only ones that were shortly employed, were just the employees and facilities. Then shortly after, as it got worse, a lot of us were working from home instead of being on campus.
Aurora Torres 1:13
Did you ever experience any difficulty or frustration while sustaining a job during the pandemic?
Angelica 1:22
No, not really. Our jobs were pretty easy working from home, the IT group here on campus did a really good job about keeping us updated with the instructions on how to work from home.
Aurora Torres 1:44
Well, if it wasn't for IT, then things might have been a little bit crazy then.
Angelica 1:48
That is exactly correct. Okay, now,
Aurora Torres 1:52
I know, as of now things have become a lot better through the vaccine and whatnot. And tell me how do you feel with the whole vaccination process of coming back to work? Some people putting all the vaccines people not? How has it been affecting you hear coming back to campus,
Angelica 2:13
I guess not a major change. Whether you're vaccinated or not, I'm still taking precautions, just as according to the policies of the School of still keeping a distance wearing a mask. I feel pretty safe here on campus. So, it hasn't it's not a major hasn't affected me majorly.
Aurora Torres 2:39
That's good, that's good that you feel safe. Especially right now, since we are still living through the pandemic. Even
file:///C/Users/ATORRE%7E1/AppData/Local/Temp/St.%20Mary's%20University%202(1)_otter_ai.txt[11/29/2021 1:34:38 PM]
though we are living through the pandemic, like I just said, and the vaccine has come to place. Have you ever felt that we're never gonna move forward from this? Do you think we're gonna still be wearing the mask? How do you how do you think this is gonna happen in the educational institutions?
Angelica 3:06
I think for now, the way things are progressing, we've made some progress with vaccinations. But at this point, I think we're still going to be at wearing a mask, probably another while just because now it sounds like there's variants that are popping up and they're unsure about that. But at this point, I still feel safe. I'm keeping myself guarded, and we just have to follow policy and just keep wearing or mask.
Aurora Torres 3:38
Of course, I definitely agree with you. But do tell me I'm curious, from working online to coming back to the building. Which one do you prefer? I know there was a lot of people worldwide that they loved the idea of working home it was a lot easier for them. You know the saving of gas and saving of time in traffic but not any other outside expense. Tell me how do you feel about that? From which one would you prefer working on home or working in the building?
Angelica 4:09
I work either way, I love working on campus and I love working from home it to me it's not that doesn't matter I can I can work at home or work at in the building.
Aurora Torres 4:23
That's great. That's great. How about your coworkers? How do you think they feel about coming back to campus almost a year later?
Angelica 4:30
Um, I think it is varies some of them are glad to be back and some of them would rather be working from home.
Aurora Torres 4:36
So, yeah. Do you think it has to do because of their age gap, you know, between maybe how a high risk they are or just you know, personal preference or maybe because of the vaccine? Do you think it has to do a lot with COVID that they don't want to come back to campus?
Angelica 4:58
It might be all of the above that you just mentioned.
Aurora Torres 5:00
Okay. It's crazy to see how St. Mary's is such a small campus and so many things are influenced by the faculty and staff and the students. As of now that we are back, are you excited for anything particular besides being back on campus?
Angelica 5:16
No. It's great to see the students back. The school looked like a ghost town without the students on here, not seeing their faces. So, I'm looking forward to that.
Aurora Torres 5:29
That sounds very nice to view and thank you for so much for this interview. Angie, it was lovely to hear about you. Thank you. And this is the end of the interview is 10:46am November 29, 2021 interview had ended
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