HST 580 Professional Experience/Archives course


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HST 580 Professional Experience/Archives course

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The online history MA program in conjunction with the public history program at Arizona State University ran an internship for history graduate students to work on the JOTPTY archive. Internships were held in summer 2020, fall 2020, spring 2021, and spring 2022. Students were asked to submit to the archive and were often given guided assignments. The nature of the submissions varied from contributing to a specific collection to conducting an oral history. In the first internship participants developed collections and began creating calls for submissions and collecting for specific collections. In the Fall 2020 semester, students continued adding to collections and worked more extensively on oral histories. In Spring 2021, more interns experimented with the Omeka exhibits feature and finally in Spring 2022 a large portion of the internship was dedicated to data cleaning and a self-directed project. As part of their 180 hours, students were always encouraged to share their own pandemic stories or respond to varied prompts.
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Kathleen Kole de Peralta

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