Tourism story for the COVID-19 Archive

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Tourism story for the COVID-19 Archive

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Worldwide, nations implemented social distancing and disease mitigation strategies in the Spring of 2020. These policies varied widely, but many places experienced restrictions on personal movement and travel.

For your submission, respond to the following prompt:

When travel restrictions were lifted, did you take a trip? If so, where did you go and why? What are your memories of this trip? Were there any continuing COVID-19 restrictions in place?

If you did not travel and have still not traveled, answer the following question: If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why? What destinations would you be sure to see? How would you document your trip (journal, social media, etc.)?

How and What to Submit:

For this assignment, you'll submit one item that captures a travel memory that relates to the COVID-19 pandemic. You'll submit your item to the COVID-19 Archive Links to an external site.on the "Share your Story Page." Include the following metadata (information):

The title
The description (this is the most important part.
Tags: at a minimum (Arizona State University, HST 643, and History of Tourism). Feel free to add your own additional tags.
Type: Audio recording, photograph, video, text story, recipe, etc.
Date (When did this story happen)
Contributor (your name)
Location (where did/does this memory take place).
What to submit:

Submit your story to the archive
Submit the title of your story on Canvas and the date you submitted it. This will help me find it in the archive.

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