Different People with Different Beliefs- COVID 19


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Different People with Different Beliefs- COVID 19

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Short text written by Justin Smith

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As of a few days ago, humanity is fully consumed with the COVID-19 virus. Cities across the United States are being quarantined, and because of that irregularity, people are losing their shit. Because of COVID-19, we start to learn more about our generational differences and similarities. In my experience with my friends and people my age, I notice a different mentality when compared to my family and elders. Younger teenagers seem to be much more ignorant of the effects of COVID-19 when compared to adults. I see some of my friends still having functions and partying amid this crisis. They are ignorant and therefore expose themselves to a deadly virus so that they can be with their friends. Adults & the elderly take a polar opposite approach to the COVID-19 virus where they are seen hoarding exponential amounts of goods. Toilet paper, food, hand sanitizer, face masks, and even guns are being sold out in every store. Some of the older generations seem to view this virus as the apocalypse- the end of the world. This, just like the ignorance of the young people who want to party, is hysterical. The need to buy guns and three months' worth of food is irrational. My point is, at what point does hoarding and isolation for the virus negatively affect those around you? When is the ignorance and neglect of the virus going to negatively affect those around you? It is obvious there is a schism in the mentality of our generations on how we should deal with the COVID-19 crisis. We see the younger generations who think they are invincible and cannot be harmed by the disease. We also see older generations who stock up on a superfluous amount of goods, and even weapons in order to feel safe against the disease.

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