COVID 19 impact on sociology


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COVID 19 impact on sociology

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I wrote about how I think the coronavirus will affect the field of sociology.

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How has COVID 19 affected the field of sociology?

Sociology is the study of the development, structure, and function of society. Since, sociologists study how groups of people behave; they study panic, protests, social change movements, and many more things. COVID 19 is a pandemic that is affecting the world. How people respond to this pandemic will help sociologist better understand how societies and people react and respond to crisis. Examining how a society changes its behavior during a time of crisis is a good indicator of how it will prevail post-crisis. Do the leaders of the society change their leadership style? Dose a society change its behavior to handle the crisis? Watching how society has slowly moved from disbelief to thinking the virus was more hype than reality to comprehending the true destructive force of it has given glimpses of possible changes in the future. I believe there will be a political shift when this pandemic is over leading to new investments in health and public services. Societal leaders have witnessed the frailty of our policies when faced with a pandemic that knows no rules. No one is safe from being infected and that exposure will have ramifications in policies to our supply chains for medical equipment and overall preparedness for future pandemics. Sociologist will study society before the pandemic, during the pandemic, and then how society has changed after the pandemic. In addition, sociologist will study popular trends before the pandemic, during the pandemic, and after the pandemic.

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