Dawn’s Daughters

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Dawn’s Daughters

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Personal account of a nurse
I am a nurse who told both my daughters to not become nurses. But like their mama, they chose their calling, ignoring me. One works currently strictly with Covid19 patients. The other does not know if her patients have the virus. I am working from home so anxious about my daughters that I cannot sleep. I hope they physically survive the pandemic but I also hope it does not destroy their spirits. So much work with such severe patients. Patients very sick and dying alone. Both my girls with so much empathy, with such awful outcomes. One lives with me and fears bringing the virus home. Her rituals after work to get clean drain us both. My daughters see people suffering while the outside world does not really believe how bad it is for random people with Covid 19. I feel every moment like their is an open hole in my body that pain rushes through while my heart beats anxiously. Why didn’t I tell them horrible stories so they would seek different professions? They asked me, if I had the choice to do it again would I still go into nursing. I could not lie. I said yes.

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