Prepping for a Quarantine Birthday


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Prepping for a Quarantine Birthday

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My sister has been jumping for joy this entire day because tomorrow is her birthday. She is turning five. She is so young and excited for this one day of the year. Her excitement has rubbed off on me and brought me some joy during this quarantine. I am sad though that her birthday cannot be as good as it could be because of the coronavirus. She has never experienced a party with her friends. I am motivated in spite of everything to do everything in my power to make her birthday special. I planned everything, made a pinata, went to buy decorations and a cake, and am going to cook her breakfast and doughnuts. I know it is a lot, but I really believe that God will give me the strength to bear it and make Elena’s 5th birthday amazing. I know it will take a lot of work and it won’t be easy, but I am ready and excited to take on the challenge. I also need to in this time do my school for the day. I won’t say I’m stressed because this is just a small party among our family to make Elena happy on her special day. I hope everything goes well. #LSMS #NSD

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